Abe: ‘At your direction I went to [Jane Bryant Quinn’s] article and found it so compelling that I wrote back to you in praise and in the very real hope that you would comment extensively on its central message, which is obviously pay off the national debt, and allow NO NEW SPENDING OR TAX CUTS until this is done. Since you have turned your website into a ceaseless political sloganeering vehicle for the last week or two, as is your right, I felt certain you would respond to my modest inquiries PRIOR to the election, since your direction to the Quinn column implies some level of agreement. It now appears that such was not the case and I can only assume that you don’t really fully agree with Ms. Quinn’s quite obvious message, which as I pointed out was shared completely by Mr. Greenspan, AND does NOT seem to be shared by either of our presidential candidates, least of all the candidate that you are a tireless advocate for. Exactly where DO you stand on this and will you comment soon’

☞ The Gore budget would pay off the debt in 12 years. Not that I expect this to happen, but I do think we would come closer than with Bush. Look: Reagan/Bush did a massive tax cut for the wealthy and racked up $4 trillion extra debt. Clinton/Gore ratcheted taxes for the wealthy partway back up, got the economy in balance, and now we’ve begun paying down the debt. Gore is committed to continuing that; Bush wants to go back to the big tax cut for the wealthy. You decide.

Joe Barron: ‘My wife does some business with Replacements, Inc., which is a very large china and silver reseller based in Greensboro, NC. The founder, Robert Page, who has built this business over the last 15 or 20 years into the largest of its kind in the country, is gay. He has sent this message to his customers, and I thought it would be as interesting to you as it is to us. Regards, and may God help us all.’

Robert L. Page
Post Office Box 26029
Greensboro, North Carolina 27420

October 11, 2000

Dear Friends:

I am writing because Dale and I have a very urgent and personal request For your help. One of the happiest moments of our lives occurred when we became parents to Ryan and Owen, our twin boys. The adoption process was long and demanding but the reward of having these two wonderful children as part of our lives was worth the many difficulties.

We cannot now imagine life without these wonderful 14-month-olds. Ryan and Owen are energetic and happy children. They have a smile that melts your heart and makes you immediately love them. As you can guess, feeding and caring for twins is a lot of work, but as parents, we would do anything to make sure these boys have the best life possible.

In North Carolina, Dale and I are not legally recognized as a couple or as a family. Therefore, I had to adopt Ryan and Owen as a single parent. We’ve made legal arrangements that, should anything happen to me, Dale will have legal responsibility for the children. Believe me when I tell you, that too is easier said than done.

I’m asking for your help today because we feel our family is being threatened. If George W. Bush, the Republican candidate, is elected President of the United States, we fear for our family and our children. Bush has said:

“I’m against gay adoptions. I believe children ought to be adopted in families with a woman and a man who are married,” (Dallas Morning News, March 23, 1999).

When asked if, in fact, children currently being raised by gay or lesbian parents should be taken away, he said:

“I have no idea whether the children ought to be removed or not removed.” (Houston Chronicle, April 5, 1999).

The idea that George W. Bush would even consider taking children away from parents on the sole basis of their sexual orientation is horrifying to me. Please do not let George W. Bush win this election. He is a threat to my family and to all people who believe that “love makes a family.” Dale and I are asking you to vote for Al Gore for President of the United States. He supports our right to be a family. Please do not be fooled: George W. Bush is no moderate and your vote does have consequences. Thank you.


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