First off, you must change your plans and see Michael Moore’s new movie, Farenheit 11/9 today.  Or if not today, this week, for sure, “before it’s too late.”  It will leave you wanting to get everyone to see it, to register, to volunteer, and to give.

Unless, of course, you’re a Trumper.  Let alone a storm-Trumper (some of them very fine people).  Then, whether you see the film or not, you will give it one star out of ten.  And you will believe, among so much else (climate change hoax, Russia investigation witch hunt), that Brett Kavanaugh deserves a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.

Which bring me to this.

Picture it!

You are 15.

You are traumatically assaulted by a drunken teen you know well (and his drunken friend).

You hear their laughter to this day, and remember not being able to breathe.

An event that has haunted you every day of your life.

But along the way over the years you somehow forgot who did this to you?

Oh, please.

Everyone with an open mind must realize Brett and Mark did this.  The only question is whether they’re lying; or were so drunk that one or both truly managed to forget it.

My own guess is that, being the best little boy in the world — number one at everything all his life — Brett just can’t allow it to be true.  It can’t be true.  Because, as you may have read in the Washington Post (HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO BRETT KAVANAUGH?), this seat on the Court, given Brett’s lifetime of hard work and achievement, belongs to him.



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