Take six minutes to be dazzled by what we humans, and specifically we Americans, have been able to do (thanks, Mel!) . . . and then as much time as you need to figure out why we haven’t been able to manage something seemingly less complex: how to live with each other with kindness, making rational decisions and reasonable compromises.

(Steps in that direction: redistricting to give moderates a better chance . . . instant run-off voting, to empower third parties without unintended consequences . . . nullifying the Electoral College to accept majority rule . . . restoring earmarks (up to 1% of the federal budget) to lubricate deal-making and cooperation across party lines* . . . replacing caucuses with primaries and making it as easy as possible to vote in primaries, to lessen the influence of those with the most extreme views . . . overturning Citizens United and McCutcheon to lessen the distorting influence of big money . . . teaching civics — and science and logic — to give the voters of tomorrow the education they need to make sensible choices.)

*It’s not as though every earmarked dollar is wasted; and if your representative does fund a dumb project, vote him out of office!


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