“If we want to protect the Supreme Court’s legitimacy, Kavanaugh should not be on it,” writes Jennifer Rubin in the Washington Post, making the case that — based on his performance last week — he can’t be seen as impartial in any case involving a left-leaning litigant.

“This is a man soaked in the Clinton wars, who delivered dozens of speeches thrilling conservative activists at the Federalist Society and now lets on that he harbors rabidly hostile views of the Democrats. It’s inconceivable someone so biased, someone who vowed revenge (‘What goes around, comes around,’ he shouted), could be elevated to the Supreme Court.”

Also, he appears to have lied under oath.  Unless you believe boofing* is flatulence, the Devil’s Triangle a game with quarters — and that Christine Ford would somehow forget which boys assaulted her in the singularly most traumatic event of her life.

But lying under oath — or even just likely lying under oath — is thus far not a disqualifier in the eyes of Republican senators.

Speaking of whom . . . Willie Nelson sang this new two-minute song at a Texas rally over the weekend.  “Vote ‘Em Out.”

Speaking of which . . . votevolunteergive.

*The phrase “have you boofed yet?” in a high school yearbook would appear to make no sense if all it referred to was breaking wind.  But a risque sexual achievement would seem to fit perfectly in that context.  So while I have zero interest in what sexual acts Brett and Mark may or may not have engaged in, it seems clear (to me, at least), he was lying under oath to the Senate last week on this matter as well.



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