Beyond Meat sausages and Burger King’s Impossible burgers are delicious.

Sing “the cowman and the farmer should be friends” as much as you want, but let’s face it: plant-based burgers threaten the meat industry, which is trying to get you to see them as unhealthy.

Before you fall for that, read the truth.

Plant-based “meat” is probably better for your health.

It is definitely, magnificently better for the planet.

Something to consider as we watch Australia burn, knowing that things will only get worse even if we do change our behavior, let alone if we don’t.

Not addressed in that LA Times editorial is the fear that Impossible Burgers could make you less manly.

But if I’m not worried about that — I who am surely as insecure about his masculinity as the next guy — I don’t think you should be.

No, Eating Soy Isn’t Going To Give You Manboobs.



Place a big beefsteak tomato on its side and slice.  Lay the slices on the cutting board beside each other.  Douse with olive oil.  Sprinkle with ample salt (or garlic salt), pepper (or red-pepper flakes), and — especially — a whole lot of oregano.  Voila!  Lift each slice to your mouth and enjoy.  When finished, lick your oily salty fingers and try not to lick the cutting board. (Good luck with that.)  Then wash your hands (and chin).  Total cost? $2.  Elapsed time? 2 minutes.  Credit?  Cooking Like A Guy™!

Have a great weekend!



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