Remember magazines?

Remember magazine profiles?

I used to write them for Clay Felker’s NEW YORK Magazine.  Clay would meet someone at a party, decide he was interesting (or, less frequently, she, given the power structure of the 70’s), and persuade him to allow one of his writers to follow him around.  Sometimes I was that writer.  It was exhilarating, if nervous making — me, in my mid-twenties, earning $15,000 a year (and dressed like it), riding behind a chauffeur with a billion-dollar real estate developer as he toured his properties . . . playing backgammon at the South Hampton estate of a music mogul (and later, back in the city, watching wide-eyed as he and his famous wife had a shouting match right in front of me) . . . observing a meeting between the head of Paramount Pictures and an ever-so-colorful Italian producer (whose remake of King Kong he dubbed, “The Most Original Motion Picture Event of All Time”).

Fun, fun, fun.

And we all deserve some fun, so I offer you here, from the new issue of GQ, this wonderful profile of Larry David.

If you never cared for Seinfeld, or have never watched Curb Your Enthusiasm, you can skip it.  (Though: what’s wrong with you?)

Otherwise . . . “you’re welcome!”

(Thanks, Brian!)

Concerning yesterday’s post . . .

Gloria: “Libraries are a terribly underutilized resource. My local library here in Solano County allows me to stream movies, TV shows, music and audio books for free, and download bestsellers, current editions of popular magazines, language course apps, etc, to my iPad. It also offers free admission to many museums and cultural institutions in my area. Once a month volunteer attorneys provide free legal help. I can have a diabetes screen, attend a Korean language and culture class, or research my genealogy, all for free. The list of benefits goes on and on. I love seeing my tax dollars at work.  And then of course there’s this old-fashioned benefit.”

→ If your library is missing one of these benefits, perhaps suggest it?



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