It’s THE BIG LIE, yes, argues a smart marketing friend, but many Americans are now too young to get the reference.  And even if they do, “big” is subliminally good (and little, bad).  Americans like big things.  We should call it THE LOSER’S LIE, he suggests, because Americans don’t like a loser.

It think we should call it both.

Either way, it clearly is a lie — see this, for example — and Americans tend not to like loser’s or liars.

Or cheaters.

Maybe we should add THE CHEATER’S LIE to the rotation.  He cheated to get into college, he cheated to get out of the draft, he cheated on his taxes, he cheated small contractors, he cheated students, he cheated at golf, he sought to cheat by pressuring someone to “find” 11,780 votes after the Georgia election result had been thrice audited.

A loser, a cheat, and a liar; leader of the Republican Party.


Jim Burt: “The last time a Republican-controlled Senate confirmed a Supreme Court nominee from a Democratic President was . . . (drum roll) . . . 1895!  That’s not a typo.  That really was the last one.  Sure, most Democratic presidents have had the luxury of Senates led by their own party, but not all.  By contrast, Democratic Senates have routinely confirmed most Republican Supreme Court nominations.  If Republicans take control of the Senate, they won’t confirm any Biden nominees to the high court.”

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