Any of these might offend, so I figured I’d do them all the same day:

If you’re uncomfortable with atheism:

> Skip the late Christopher Hitchens’ otherwise unmissable opening statement.

(Infallibility has always held great appeal, relieving us, as it does, of the need to think.  He alone can fix it.)

> Skip, also, last week’s word from Mr. Deity.

(I’m new to Mr. Deity.  He got his start a dozen years ago when he introduced Eve to the Garden of Eden.)

If you’re a cultist:

> Skip The Cult of Masked Schoolchildren.

(“History will not look kindly on our evidence-free decision to make kids suffer most.”)

> Skip, also, The Cult of  Mike Lindell.

(Really funny — and still relevant a half year later, as tens of millions remain on board.)

If drag rubs you wrong:

> Skip America Needs A Queen: Drag Queens Do Democracy . . . And Sports! 

(Timed to open the Winter Olympics, it benefits Field Team 6. Tickets ten bucks and up.)

If you’re altogether wholesome:

> Skip Alan Cumming’s wonderful but sporadically X-rated Baggage: Tales from a Fully Packed Life, read by the actor himself.

There you have it.



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