Only, not a watch: a mechanical boy writing with a quill pen.  (Thanks, Mel!)

I apparently have writer’s block, or am on vacation or something; but not this kid.  Still writing after 279 years.

Oh, and wait.  How great is this Kirkus Review of a Republican operative’s forthcoming book?

. . . Political campaign consultant Wilson (Everything Trump Touches Dies: A Republican Strategist Gets Real About the Worst President Ever, 2018) intensifies his strident excoriation of Trump with a hard-hitting assessment of Democrats’ chances of winning the next presidential election—a victory that is crucial for saving the country. The author decries Trump as “a flawed, awful shitbird of the worst order” and a “political and moral monster” who will go down in history “for endemic corruption, outrageous stupidity, egregious cruelty, and inhumanity” and who has spread “moral and political contagion” and caused the collapse “of a once-great party.” Trump needs to go, but Wilson fears that Democrats will hand him reelection unless . . .

Read the rest for more — and click here to help fund the early organizing in key states that give us the best chance of saving the country.

I’ll see whatever you do and jump through the screen to say thanks.



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