But first . . .

Should we be alarmed when a county library board unanimously declares the New York Times fake news?

Or when our President and Republican leadership mock the urgent concerns of 11,000 scientists worldwide?  Should not the prospect of “untold suffering” be a Republican concern?  My Ivy-educated friend Peter inexplicably agrees with Trump: science, schmience . . . it’s all a hoax from the fake news.

And now . . .

Watch this.  (Thanks, Alan.)  For more, watch these.  I’m on vacation.*

*And so am reminded of the line — uttered shortly before he was fired for uttering it, not realizing he was still on air — “that should keep the little bastards happy” (with you guys, in this case, all due respect, being the little bastards).  Yet it now turns out Uncle Don may not have uttered that line after all.  Ah, the things we thought we knew.  Enjoy the music.



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