But first:

Do you watch Morning Joe?

One of its charming regulars, Donny Deutsch, said something unflattering about Denmark.

This response from an actual Dane is not to be missed.

And now:

Imagine being able to fly anywhere in the world, any time, first-class for the rest of your life — with whatever pal you wanted beside you.

Here’s the story of a man I knew who had exactly that deal, as recounted by his daughter.  (Read it, or click on that page to hear her read it.)

It has absolutely no relevance to real life but I found it fascinating.

And unjust!  American should have handled this better!  Why not tell her dad: “Never do it again but we’ll allow you-and-whomever one round trip a month for the rest of your life.”  Save all those legal fees and reach a more just resolution?

Oh, well.



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