What did we learn from the last one? ‘How To Survive A Plague’ . . . On The Lessons Of AIDS, The Benefits Of Fear, And The Potential For Rage.

What will we learn from this one?  Four truly sweet minutes.

TogetherThree sweet minutes — from George W. Bush.

Should we reopen schools? If you’re wrestling with this question, read this doc’s view.

(“As an infectious diseases specialist, I have examined all of the available evidence from within Australia and around the world and, as it stands, it does not support avoiding classroom learning as a means to control COVID-19. . . . By contrast, there is plenty of public health evidence that stopping face-to-face teaching can damage society.”)

And speaking of schools, have you seen Bad Education?  So good!  Watch it first (HBO) . . . then enjoy this review and this fact-check.

PRKR, last discussed here, is looking better and better:  ParkerVision Receives Favorable Markman Order in Patent Infringement Action Against Qualcomm and HTC.  (I was so focused on Qualcomm, I hadn’t noticed HTC.  Are they a deep pocket, also?  A little Googling revealed that in 2o18, they were acquired by . . . Google.)



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