Joe Biden and Tara Reade — this opened my eyes.

I had assumed the worst.  That something really bad, albeit wildly uncharacteristic of Joe Biden, happened for 60 seconds 27 years ago.

Now, I think that’s likely not what happened at all.  Read it and let me know what you think?

If you think Joe and the team he will assemble will be better for America and the world than Trump and the team he has assembled, and that the gavel would be better in Schumer’s hands than McConnell’s, please click here.

And now to make sure you have a terrific weekend:

> Have you seen this episode of Seinfeld, Obama and really cool cars?  (Thanks, Andrew R.!)

> Have you seen these three minutes with monarch butterflies?

> Have you seen everything in all these museums?  That could take you all the way through to successful vaccination.

The British Museum

The Paris Museum

The Van Gogh Museum

The Art Institute of Chicago

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Smithsonian!

Have a great, great weekend.



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