Bryan Norcross: “If the chart in this article is correct, and 80% of us wear face coverings of pretty much any kind, the virus will die out.  Social distancing is just gravy.  This should be the #1 headline in every briefing.”

Bill Maher’s latest “New Rules” is a 5-minute must-watch.  Protect the vulnerable — big time — but send the rest of us back out into the world.

(Did you see how many of the UK’s 12,000+ COVID deaths have been kids under 15?  Zero.  And how many, in a nation of 60 million, were under 30?  Twenty-eight.  Each one a tragedy, unquestionably. But should children be allowed to go to camp, this summer, tended mainly by teen-agers and twenty-somethings?  Should they be allowed to go to school, if they don’t live with vulnerable parents or grandparents?)

For a deeper dive, Bill’s 15-minute interview with David Katz.

Donald’s 3-minute Parent-Teacher Conference.  Have you seen it?

Fighting disinformation: Technology once used to combat ISIS propaganda is enlisted by Democratic group

Stay safe . . .



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