You of course saw that even Barr has now put the lie to Trump’s constant assertions of election fraud.

But did you read 1918 Germany’s Warning For America?

Not to be missed.

Dow 30,000

“Trump is bragging about the Dow Jones topping 30,000, which only happened after it was clear he wasn’t going to be president anymore.” — Middle Age Riot

I remember when the Dow briefly crossed 1,000 in 1966 before dropping back.  It would be 16 years before crossing it again.

Not to say it will be 16 years before the Dow again crosses 30,000 — it could be this morning.

But don’t think it’s impossible.

S&P 31.2

James Scurlock notes that at 31.2, the S&P 500’s price/earnings ratio is now double its historic average of 15.5.


To help with money: Vote Tripling gets voters to pledge to persuade three others they know to vote, a cost-effective means of increasing turnout. They are looking to close out their funding needs this week.

To help with your time: click here.


This 90-minute event last night featured planetary hero Mark Plotkin, co-founder of the Amazon Conservation Team, discussing everything from shamans to mapping 80 million acres of rain forest . . . from wine (a popular plant-based drug) to the time he was bitten by a vampire bat.  His ten-part Plants of the Gods podcast launches today, “focusing on the hallucinogenic plants and fungi whose impact on world culture and religion – and healing potential — is only now beginning to be appreciated as never before.”


A celebrity you’d instantly recognize lives upstairs from me.  He has a beautiful wife.  I gave her a box of French Royal.  She left me this note: “As a person who has now smeared myself with the products, I can vouch for them as luscious.  Thank you.  Luxury feels extra-wonderful this year.”

As previously plugged: France’s Biggest Beauty Secret Makes A Splashy Launch In The U.S.

Step right up, dear reader, if you’re looking for an extravagant holiday gift, and make me rich.


New Research Identifies What Works to Improve Older Driver Safety.

Independent studies of BrainHQ have shown many positive results for older drivers, including: 38% fewer dangerous driving maneuvers, faster reaction time (equivalent to 22 feet more stopping distance at 55 mph), greater confidence driving in difficult conditions, 48% fewer at-fault crashes, 30% lower overall crash incidence, and maintaining safe driving later in life.

Drivers insured by AAA in many states can get Drivesharp training from BrainHQ through their insurer without charge and can receive a discount on their premium.

In other words, AAA is so confident in its effectiveness, they will pay you to use BrainHQ.

It also reduces the incidence of dementia and makes you a better SuperBowl quarterback.

The perfect holiday gift for anyone “of a certain age” (Tom Brady is 43)  . . . or who will one day be a certain age.



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