How does a 41-year-old stay sharp enough to quarterback his sixth Superbowl victory?  He uses BrainHQ.

You or your parents should, too, because a peer-reviewed ten-year 2,800-subject study showed that doing just a few hours of these exercises dramatically lowered the incidence of dementia.  And more than 100 other peer-reviewed papers have added to the chorus that something real happens here — something that doing crossword puzzles does not achieve.

There are even studies showing that the exercises help with tinnitus . . . cut down on auto accidents . . . and help with PTSD.  But the big allure is dementia.

Check it out here and sign on for a free trial.  Or give BrainHQ to your parents or grandparents.  Imagine if a simple gift like this could spare them that nightmare — and you, the sadness and burden of having to deal with it.

Just 14 hours of the exercises over ten years cut the incidence of dementia by 48%.  What effect would 10 minutes a day have.  (At even just two days a week, that works out to 173 hours, not 14.)

As long-time readers know, I own a small stake in BrainHQ.  But don’t let that stop you.  I will apply anything I earn from your purchase to an extension of your subscription.



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