. . . on top of everything else (temperatures above 100 degrees in Siberia???) . . . the days are getting shorter. 

But enough with the hand wringing.   Let’s do something positive.

Like — even as we debate raising tax rates on the best off — could we at least collect the taxes they already owe?  Turns out, the IRS lacks the money even to try.

And like — could we listen to Republicans?  Dozens of Republican former U.S. national security officials are coming out for Biden.

Oh!  And how about this?  Could we send kids back to school this fall?  Not all of them, but those — and those teachers and staff — not at unacceptable risk themselves or to others?

Italy Survey Finds Irritability, Anxiety in Locked-Down Kids — “some of the youngest wept inconsolably and regressed developmentally.”

School Children Don’t Spread Coronavirus, French Study Shows — “it was the parents who had infected their offspring rather than the other way around.”

Schools Should Open in Full This Fall — “they serve too vital a function to stay closed, and remote learning is a disaster.”

The cost of keeping schools closed will be dreadful.

Reopening schools in Denmark did not worsen outbreak.

Experts sound the alarm about child abuse during coronavirus pandemic.

Recommendations For School Reopening — “it is critical that we balance the risks of COVID-19 in children, which appear to be minimal, with the
harms of school closure which is impacting their physical and mental health.”



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