The hallmark of the Obama campaign was ‘Obama – no drama.’ That style bodes well for the next four years: serious people of good will working in common purpose to make things better.


Apparently, there was a little drama on the other side. And the woman selected as #2 thought that Africa is a country, with South Africa one of its regions, like the south of France. Click here.


I know . . . it’s probably not constructive and perhaps not even good sportsmanship to keep piling on. Yes, they took ads saying Obama wanted to give kindergartners comprehensive sex education, but we won, so what harm? And yet I find myself still signing on to ‘Team Obama’ at web boggle to help defeat Team McCain/Palin – even though they’ve disappeared.

I know. Not healthy. And yet I feel the need to share the story of Skipp Orr, whom I met Tuesday night in Grant Park watching President-elect Obama take the stage. A long-time Obama supporter, Skip had flown in from Japan for this. (A pretty amazing guy, by the way: from ages 2 through 9 he suffered from a disease of his legs that required therapy at Warm Springs in the same pool FDR bathed in, yet fought the disease so effectively he not only regained full use of his legs, he nearly made the U.S. Olympic track team. But that’s not the story I want to share.) As President of Boeing Japan, he found himself at a Democrats Abroad meeting pitching John Kerry – and then found himself outed as a Democrat in the New York Times. The next day Karl Rove called Boeing headquarters noting his displeasure – and referring to the great deal of business Boeing does with the government. Basically, he wanted Orr fired.

Wow. Like outing a CIA spy to punish her husband. Or firing a slew of Republican-appointed U.S. attorneys for not being partisan enough in their administration of Justice. Or – well – accusing your opponent of wanting to teach comprehensive sex education to kindergartners.

I think it was even worse than most people realize.

Monday: Something More Positive


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