I largely love my iPhone, but would have loved it more these last 18 months if I had known how to use it. Click here for the ‘tips and tricks’ several of which I had missed.


Spooky to see this movie even as he is still President. I came away feeling it had to have been something of a cartoon (though what movie doesn’t oversimplify for the sake of drama or, of necessity, in trying to show a lifetime in two hours?). Could this really have been the man we elected? Twice? And yet, well, yes, this seems to have been more or less what happened. And there were at least two damning scenes it could have recreated but didn’t: the famous January 7, 2001 CIA briefing at Blair House, where the incoming President was told that Osama Bin Laden represented a ‘tremendous’ and ‘immediate’ threat but chose to ignore it . . . and his very first National Security Council meeting ten days into his Presidency, where the agenda already included a ‘Political-Military Plan for Post-Saddam Iraq Crisis.’


Meanwhile, Garry Trudeau has a new paperback out, The War in Quotes. And you’re thinking, yes, we know all that. But it’s really worse than we remember. Use Amazon’s ‘look inside’ feature to read some of the quotes.


A great choice for Chief of Staff. Brilliant, tough, savvy, principled – with the workings of both the White House and Congress in his blood and a close relationship with the President-elect. My guess is that he’ll be at least as tough in reining in the left wing of the Democratic Party as he is in pushing Republicans to compromise. He is a centrist, ‘DLC’ Democrat, as evidenced by his recent book, The Plan: Big Ideas for America, co-authored with DLC President Bruce Reed. And he is funny. Or at least easily made fun of. To get to know him better, you might enjoy this roast.


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