David Gergen summed it up perfectly yesterday: ‘Hope won.’

*But don’t sell all your RSW just yet, either, if you’re using it to hedge the market.

Blake B.: ‘It is so wonderful to be proud to be an American again. I have received numerous messages from European friends cheering us on.’

☞ In certain circles, just having European friends makes you suspect. Especially if they are French. But the Europeans do know a little about civilization . . . and civilization is not entirely a bad thing.


Lots more to say on so many topics, but too sleepy to say it without making dumb mistakes – like this one I made Monday:

Kay Lawson: ‘Sorry Andrew. Trig Van Palin is a male member of the human race, so he cannot be Sarah’s granddaughter.’

☞ Oops. I thought Trig was always a girl’s name.

But a more serious reason the conspiracy theory is probably wrong:

Scott Nicol: ‘Incidence of down syndrome starts climbing at 30 years old and skyrockets at 40. Sarah was 44 when Trig was born. At that maternal age about 1 in 40 babies have down syndrome. For her teenage daughter the odds are about 1 in 1500.’


Our dredging stock may be down, but revenues and earnings are up nicely. How many other businesses do you know that saw revenues jump 32% last quarter? So I continue to like Great Lakes Dredge & Dock for the long haul. Renewing our national infrastructure may be a theme of the next decade; and Dubai still has a lot of sand to move around.


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