A friend made this 90-second argument for rejoining the Iran nuclear deal.

What do you think?

(Here was the argument President Obama made for it at the time.)

Take 15 minutes a week to keep sharp and prevent dementia — or your parents’ or grandparents’ dementia.

(Mothers Day is May 8.  Father’s Day is June 19.)

The 700 patients who did just 10 hours of exercises and then nothing for ten years experienced a 33% lower rate of dementia at the end of those ten years than the 700 who did 10 hours of crossword puzzles.  The 700 who did 10 hours and then a “booster” of 4 more hours the fourth year experienced a 48% lower rate of dementia at the end of ten years.

Fifteen minutes a week = 13 hours a year.  Wayt more than 10 hours once and a 4 hour booster.

I’m guessing that people who get into this habit will be at little risk of dementia.

The latest study (they just keep coming): Positive Results for People with Pre-dementia Conditions.

Start exercising.

Have a great weekend.



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