My Head Butler, Jesse Kornbluth, writes:

“MUST READ.” I don’t think I’ve ever said that here. And how unlikely it is that I’d say it about an article in…the Harvard Gazette. I get the Gazette early each morning and usually just scan the headlines— subjects of no great interest to me. A few days ago, one of the articles was titled “How consequential life came from a dying heart.” I read it. I watched the video: 23 years after a mother donated her dying son’s heart, she’s visited by the Harvard med student who received it. The mother holds a stethoscope to his chest and listens to his heart. If my reaction is typical, you will find yourself re-reading this piece and watching the video again, and sharing it with friends and family, and thinking about the deepest meaning of “the gift of life.” 

Grapefruit is not lame (though I can see why this young doctor wants to believe that) — I love grapefruit — but otherwise this is indeed a wonderful story.

Jesse advises: “Don’t miss the video!”

Watching it, I found myself wondering what Putin would think if he watched it?

Would he tear up?

Would he order the bombing of a few more children’s hospitals?

Maybe we could get Putin a new heart, as he clearly lacks one.

My friend Martine Rothblatt could get him one.

(Note to Sirius Satellite Radio subscribers: Martine invented that.  Note to electric helicopter enthusiasts: Martine pilots them and founded a company to make them.  Note to capitalists: Martine was the highest paid female CEO in 2013 and the top paid biopharmaceutical CEO in 2018.  Note to fans of traditional marriage: Martine and Bina remain happily married after 40 years and have four kids.  It is an interracial marriage.  Martine transitioned from male to female 28 years ago . . . living proof that love is love, and that transgender Americans have enormous contributions to make to our great country.)

Putin admires Stalin.  Trump admires Putin and kept a book of Hitler’s speeches by his bedside.  (Hey, don’t be so quick to judge: “Hitler did a lot of good things.”)



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