But first:

Take two minutes to watch Nancy Pelosi.  Where does she find the strength?  And I’m not talking about her quick to Ukraine.  She is my hero.

And now:

Take a ridiculously long time to watch Whitney Tilson explain the metaverse.  I know him.  He is a good guy.  So don’t be put off by the “but wait, there’s more!” infomercial style of the video, off-putting though to some it surely will be.  It costs nothing to watch.

Whether you buy shares in Facebook, as he eventually gets around to recommending, is up to you.  Likewise, shares in the four other stocks you’d have to pay $49 for him to reveal.  But wait!  You can save so much more with a $398 lifetime subscription!  But wait . . . !

My point is that, free for nothing, you’ll get a pretty good sense of the metaverse — the Internet in 3D — and how it might change your life as dramatically as the Internet has.

Have a great week.  Much of it, perhaps, spent reading This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for America’s Future, the book whence all those audio tapes of Kevin McCarthy lying, etc., are emerging.



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