There are a few hours of Hanukkah left!  I think this link should still work: 3 months of just about every good magazine under the sun for a flat ten bucks.  Or give it to yourself!  Or get a head start on last-minute Christmas shopping.

Or give something else.  I don’t care.  Just don’t make the same embarrassing mistake the Koch brothers did — Koch Brothers Get Each Other Same Election For Christmas.  (Thanks, Brian!)

How far we’ve come.  Salt Lake City elects a gay mayor and it doesn’t even create a stir?  (I’m just hearing about it now???)  It was not that long ago that Utah shut down high school clubs statewide — all of them, including the chess club, the gardening club, and the Bible club — rather than allow a gay-straight club (as told in this wonderful 1998 documentary).  That was big national news.

This is ridiculous and cheesy — who knows whether these “12 shocking celebrity net worths” are even accurate? — but, well (sheepishly) . . . it’s hard not to look.



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