You might think my erratic posting schedule is the bi-product of my fascination with food “expiration dates.”

Lately, for example, I have discovered that an open, unrefrigerated bottle of extra virgin olive oil dated July 11, 2008 . . . while perhaps not still entirely virgin . . . serves to drizzle an avocado just fine.

But, no, it’s not food poisoning that’s to blame — just flat-out irresponsibility.

So for this long weekend . . .

(What? you hadn’t heard?  Today is the 200th anniversary of the Senate’s creation of a “select committee on finance and uniform national currency” — reason enough for a sometime financial writer to take a long weekend.  And National Tango Day in Buenos Aires, Indiana Day in Indiana, and International Mountain Day all over the world.)

. . . I give you two things:

First, compliments of the New York Times, the 10 best TV series you missed in 2015, with links to access and binge.  Enjoy!

Second, the thinking of one of the smartest guys around, Jeremy Grantham, in one of whose private timber partnerships I’ve for a decade been an investor, but whom I first encountered 45 years ago when the world was young and he had the good sense, unlike most at the time, having attended a meeting at National Student Marketing Corporation, not to invest.

With respect to the general level of U.S. equities today, he sounds a note of caution.  (The first of the two articles in the link will interest you, also, if you are an investor in emerging markets.)

Are there mountains in Indiana?  If so, tango at least partway up one for me as I celebrate our national currency.



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