Long-time readers know the WheelTug story and may even have bet — with money they can truly afford to lose — on a few shares of its grandparent, Borealis.

As usual, “the project inches along.”  And, I like to think, attracts ever broader interest.

Toward which end, whether at the Paris Air Show this past summer or the e-taxi conference I attended last spring, or wherever else, they’re always looking for clever ways to demonstrate their value proposition: saving airlines and their passengers what could ultimately be 20 minutes per flight.

And so I share herewith “As the Aircraft Turns” — a presentation made to considerable applause at Marketforce two weeks ago.

To quote the producers — tongues firmly in cheek — “As the Aircraft Turns is ultimately a tale of redemption. However, like all great epics, there is uncommon pleasure in the journey, not just the destination.”



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