Imagine a deadly war in which no American had to fight.  All we had to do was get vaccinated.

We actually won that war on small pox, polio, measles and a bunch more.

Shame on Bobby Kennedy, Jr. (are there any other Democrats on the wrong side of this?) and on anyone else who’s misled gullible people into not getting jabbed . . . no insignificant number of whom have needlessly died.

On a related note:  God’s Tech Support (90 seconds).

On a related related note — guess who had the foresight to put up the first $150 million to invent mRNA vaccines?

No — not the DFR.  Before him.

Here’s the story.

It relates as well to Ezra Klein’s piece highlighted yesterday: how we shouldn’t focus on Solyndra, we should focus on Tesla.  And on the Internet.  And now, it seems (thank you, Obama), on mRNA vaccines.


Popular Mechanics on climate change.

You get billions of people dumping waste into the atmosphere every minute of every day for a century, and — as imagined by Popular Mechanics in 1912 — it might just have an effect.



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