No, not Larry Kramer.  He was scary in a good way — and has gone on to his reward.

Peter Thiel.

Hoping to tear down institutions and — with Ted Cruz, Steve Bannon, the DFP, et al — remake what would be a very different America.

The Ezra Klein piece everyone’s talking about.

. . . Most liberals can list the programs they want the government to create or expand. Fewer can name the five technologies they want the government to finance or the five scientific challenges they want to see it mobilize to solve. But technology is central to how we make the future look different from the past. To leave that to the market, or to think it apolitical, is abdication.

. . . Venture capitalists can brag about their failures, but bureaucrats are flayed for them. That the Obama administration funded Solyndra is canon. That the same program threw a lifeline to a struggling electric car manufacturer named Tesla is trivia. Democrats have run scared from accusations of big government for decades . . .

And yet DARPA — with support from Al Gore — really did invent the Internet.

It’s a long piece worth reading.



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