Judging from the audience ratings and reviews, there are people who don’t love “Inventing Anna.”  I find this baffling — although I know young people who don’t love “Casablanca” and old people (see below) who didn’t like the Beatles, so if you’re not hooked on Anna after 20 minutes, no worries.  I binged through the long weekend.

(Once you do binge, here‘s what’s true and what’s made up.)

Much less fun, but just three minutes of your time, are Ron DeSantis’s anti-gay bill and his bill that would allow white folks to sue if made to feel discomfort because of a sensitivity training.  Watch two 30-second ads decrying these bills.

(In Texas, meanwhile, Republicans are trying to make it illegal to encourage mail-in voting.)


From the Atlanta Constitution:



















And yet they caught on.

Bonus bonus: James Corden and Paul McCartney touring Penny Lane.

Have a great weekend.  Let’s hope Putin finds an off-ramp.



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