I’ll get to the funny and the money, but first . . .

Dennis M.:  “Just spotted this in the Times comment section.  If true, it needs to be played repeatedly in commercials prior to the election:

Dr. Luciana Borio, May 7, 2018 (White House director for Medical and Biodefense Preparedness): “The threat of pandemic flu is our number one health security concern. We know that it cannot be stopped at the border.”

May 8, 2018: Trump fired Dr. Luciana Borio, by closing her White House unit “Medical and Biodefense Preparedness,” which is part of the national Security Council.

In checking to see whether it was true (essentially: yes), I read the transcript of last Wednesday’s The DailyWhy the U.S. Wasn’t Ready for the Coronavirus.  (And no, it wasn’t Obama’s fault.)

Nor is it just pandemics we’re unprepared for.  I keep plugging Michael Lewis’s The Fifth Risk because it shows how much damage had been done to “the deep state” (which is to say government departments and agencies staffed by competent, dedicated, patriotic professionals) within months of the last election.

Mother Jones offers this history of how the Federal Government — and, I would add, our national infrastructure — fell into long-term decay.

Even the Supreme Court deserves less respect than it once did.  Have you seen this letter of resignation from the Supreme Court bar?

And now . . .

FUNNY!  If laughter is the best medicine, take a minute to watch this.  Cheers!

MONEY!  I know, I know, but:  On BOREF, I offer my fellow long-suffering shareholders two things:  First, this 9-minute Captain Joe video on “Powerback.”  My hope is that WheelTug will one day solve this problem.  Second, this list of 156 patents that could help protect WheelTug’s competitive position if it all works out.  And on ParkerVision, a fellow PRKR speculator writes: “VirnetX was just paid $455 million by Apple. Very similar to Parker. Suit filed in 2010. Just like Parker.  Big difference: Parker’s damages are much larger. Clearly the pendulum is swinging our way.”

→ Or not.  Who knows?  But it’s a reminder that patience sometimes pays off.  Remember: only with money you can truly afford to lose!

Stay safe.



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