No, really!

But first . . . from my esteemed pal Bryan Norcross:  How the coronavirus pandemic is similar to a hurricane emergency, and the lessons we can apply.

And second . . . a compelling case that we should all be erring — dramatically — on the side of caution.  Simple math* and deeply sobering . . . if you were not already sobered enough.

Tom may not already be sobered enough.  He writes:

Tom M.: “Be honest with your readers.  Please offer this clip so they can see Dr. Fauci explain in detail exactly what Testing & Surveillance needs.  If you don’t give your readers a chance to see this, then I will assume you have ALSO become a partisan hack, cherry-picking information that is marginal at best in your favor.  It has taken Trump and his CoronaVirus Task Force less than 2 weeks to develop, deploy, and implement a working system of Testing & Surveillance Nationwide.  I would call that remarkable.  Be bipartisan and give your readers the truth.  I’ve also sent to my blog readers.”

→ Trump’s done a remarkable job, for sure.

He had the foresight – the courage, really — to shut down the Medical and Biodefense Preparedness office nearly two years in advance of the crisis.  Who needs deep state stuff like the Medical and Biodefense Preparedness office of the National Security Council?  Drain the swamp!

With further regard to national security, was it not genius to tap Michael Flynn to be the nation’s National Security Adviser?  And then to replace him with Keith Kellogg?  And then to replace Kellogg with H.R. McMaster?  Whom he replaced with John Bolton.  Whom he replaced with Charles Kupperman.  Whom he’s replaced with Robert O’Brien. Seventh time’s a charm!

As regards homeland security, how can one not admire Trump for selecting General John Kelly to be his first Secretary of Homeland Security, replacing him with Elaine Duke, replacing her with Kirstjen Nielsen, replacing her with Kevin McAleenan, replacing him with Chad Wolf?

Trump offers a wise and steady hand.  The kind of visionary, team-building leadership ANY Fortune 500 company would kill to have at its helm.  The self-styled King of Bankruptcy!

Could his administration have been expected to heed the warning of the Director of National Intelligence?  DNI Warned a Year Ago That U.S. Was Vulnerable to Pandemic, ‘Large-Scale Outbreak.’  It is to scoff!  That’s deep state stuff.  A hoax, just like the Russia hoax that MSNBC got all 17 intelligence agencies to swallow, but that Trump knew to be fake.  (Because why would Putin lie?)

While all the so-called “scientists” and elitist “epidemiologists” were warning of much worse — the same deep-state way they try to scare us about climate change or the dangers of smoking – the Trump, taking a break from golf, told us there were 15 cases of COVAD-19 that would all be gone soon, likening it to the common cold . . . advocating for a payroll tax cut to meet the needs of the hour.

Rush Limbaugh, not a medical doctor but recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, concurred.

So yes, Tom M.: only a partisan hack would fail to see that Trump’s handling of this crisis has been remarkable.  Leaders around the world should learn from his example.

*In checking to see if it could possibly be true that Germany and Japan have so many more hospital beds per capita than we do, I came upon this list.  It may not be entirely apples to apples, but really?  Wow.



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