But first, Susan Collins.

I don’t care who replaces her, I just want her OUT.

If that’s all you care about too, click here to give to the anybody but Collins fund.

Now deeply in Trump’s pocket and seeking her fifth term — having initially pledged not to serve more than two — she’s become a tremendous disappointment.

(See also: “Susan Collins Takes Hours to Decide on Lunch Before Ordering Exactly What Mitch McConnell Is Having,” by Andy Borowitz.)

Do you have two minutes for this video?  Not with a view toward your contributing — I’m not taking sides in Maine’s June 9 primary — but with a view toward your being encouraged by the depth of talent and decency of the young people stepping up to stanch our downward spiral.  Sara Gideon, Maine’s House Speaker, is the DSCC-endorsed candidate; and Ross LaJeunesse, who headed Google’s International Relations before quitting to call them out, has a great story, too.  (And shifting gears back to Alaska, I can’t resist re-posting Al Gross’s one-minute video.)

And now, the speech.

As if the market’s 9.5% decline hours later were not commentary enough, herewith commentary from Commentary: “The Speech Was a Disaster.”

And these six minutes from PBS: “U.S. federal response to coronavirus a ‘fiasco,’ says global health expert.”  The number of infected Americans doubles every six days, he estimates, so the time we’ve lost — even if you calculate it at just a month — is five doublings.

Make your own hand-sanitizer . . . two minute video.

Joe Rogan interviews infectious disease expert Michael Osterholm.  The long part in the middle about not eating deer may not interest city dwellers; but the rest, if you’re not one of the 6.3 million (up from 4.5 million yesterday) who’ve already seen it, you may find instructive.

Have a great weekend.  We’ll get through this.



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