This is the story of the multiply convicted, imprisoned child porn molester with ties to the Trump campaign, the White House, and Mar-a-Lago.

It touches on our Middle East policy, Russia, the DeVos family, Blackwater, the Republican National Committee — everything.


And then consider the contrast.

Do you remember how outraged Bush 43 supporters were when Vice President Gore was found to have made a fund-raising call from the White House?  Arguably — although the law was unclear — he should have gone across the street to a non-government phone so the taxpayers would not be footing that dime.  A scandal.

Do you remember how they mocked Gore for claiming that the characters in Love Story had been based on him and Tipper — and that turned out to be only half true?

How they ridiculed him for saying he invented the Internet (which he did NOT say, but whose creation he did in fact champion long before it was in any way glamorous or easy)?

How quaint all this seems now, when we have a porn-star-hush-money-paying pathological liar and sociopath in the White House actively wrecking our democratic institutions, ending the American Century, and siding with journalist-murdering autocrats all over the world.

If you read the Mueller Report — which if you are still a Trump supporter but consider yourself a patriot you have an obligation to do — as Republican Congressman Justin Amash did — you will almost surely agree it’s time for this insanity to end.

It’s time to start the impeachment inquiry — but with one big caveat:  At the same time, we must constantly call on the Senate to pass the numerous bills the House has already passed, and a few more it should soon pass, that would make regular Americans better off.

All our talking heads should demand it; all our presidential candidates should demand it; there should be massive marches on Washington — specifically the Senate — to demand it.

If Senate Republicans finally do their job, great.  A big win for the American people.  It will still be fair to say they had to be dragged kicking and screaming to do it.

In the more likely event they continue to block everything — obstructing justice and obstructing progress — voters will have even more incentive to sweep them out of office.

No one asked about impeachment should fail to lead with something like this:

“Well, the FIRST thing the Senate needs to do is pass the nine bills the House has already passed this year to make regular people’s lives better. The House did its job passing those bills to lower prescription drug prices and impose universal background checks and confront climate change and so much else — the Senate needs to do ITS job and vote on those bills.  But on impeachment, yes, that’s part of our job, too.  OUR NATION IS UNDER ATTACK BY THE RUSSIANS.  For real!  And the President constantly denies it and praises our attacker.  So, yes: it’s part of our job to investigate that.  WHY were there hundreds of contacts between Trump’s people and the Russians?  And WHY did so many of them lie about it to the FBI and to Congress if it was innocent?  If you actually READ the Mueller report, as Republican Congressman Justin Amash bravely did, you will conclude as he did that imeachment is warranted.  But let me stress: the FIRST priority should be for the Senate to take up the nine bills the House has passed since January to make regular Americans’ lives better.  It’s an outrage that they are obstructing this progress, even as so many of them are complicit in obstructing justice.”



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