Under four minutes.  Amazing.  (Thanks, Alan.)

I have a 1937 Mills nickel slot machine — a “one-armed bandit” like this one —  that’s kind of beautiful but got jammed and now doesn’t take nickels.  (Any ideas?)

This thing is a lot older, a lot golder — and still works, apparently!


WHOSE DEBT IS IT ANYWAY?  Did you know that the National Debt grew 13.9% a year under Reagan — a Republican — and at 11.5% a year under Bush 41 — a Republican — but was cut to just 4% a year under Clinton?

Did you know that after Clinton (a Democrat) handed off a balanced budget and, thus, a National Debt that had stopped growing, Bush 43 (a Republican) grew it at 8.5% a year?

And that even though he handed off an ENORMOUS deficit that it would take Obama some time to tamp down (he first had to save the world from global depression), Obama’s 8-year rate of growth in the debt, even including the nightmare deficit he inherited, was 7.5% . . . less than Reagan, Bush, or Bush.  Here are the numbers.

Trump has the deficit exploding again . . . during good times, which is exactly when you don’t want to run them.

So can we please note that Democrats are the party of (at least relative) fiscal responsibility and that Republicans are the borrow-and-spend party?



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