Really?  What would you call the letter Trump personally dictated describing his son’s meeting with the Russians (“if it’s what you say I love it especially later in the summer”) as being “primarily about the adoption of Russian children.”

What would you call his paying hush-money to a porn star?

And so much else he’s going to extraordinary lengths to keep hidden, like the tax returns he would “absolutely” release if he ran for president.  Do you know the story of his pick for IRS Commissioner?  The story of his pick for IRS chief council?  (If not, start watching 10 minutes in.)  Appalling.  But like the honey badger, Senate Republicans, they don’t care.

Here’s a guide to 20 inquiries Trump and his allies are working to impede.

And here’s another list worth circulating.  Trump has tweeted “The Democrats are getting ZERO work done in Congress.  All they are focused on is . . . the witch hunt.”  Yet since regaining the gavels this past January . . .

  • House Democrats passed the Equality Act.
  • House Democrats passed a package of bills to protect people’s access to health care and help make prescription drugs more affordable.
  • House Democrats passed a disaster relief bill.
  • House Democrats passed a bill to restore net neutrality.
  • House Democrats passed the Climate Action Now Act to take action to protect our climate and create economic opportunities.
  • House Democrats reauthorized and expanded the Violence Against Women Act.
  • House Democrats passed legislation to require background checks for all gun sales.
  • House Democrats passed legislation to help close the gender pay gap.
  • House Democrats passed historic anti-corruption reform and provisions to strengthen our election systems.

All that’s blocking their adoption are the Republican-controlled Senate and Trump.

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