Is your home energy efficient?  Check out Pearl Certification and let me know what you think.  It’s a start-up, but has already scored tens of thousands of homes.  Here’s their Green Door app, where you can manage your home on an ongoing basis.  The idea is to reward energy efficiency (Pearl Certified homes sell for more, because some buyers value energy efficiency), and thereby encourage it.  I’d love your thoughts and suggestions.

Remember Let’s Make A Video?

Well, we did.

Take 56 seconds to check out the result and let me know what you think:

Is it worth sharing?  Does it need tweaks?

I had planned to post it yesterday . . . until I watched the debate.  I decided it was way too jolly in light of what the world had just witnessed.

America is in terrible danger.  (The must-read Frank Bruni column I previously linked to, if you missed it.)

Our democracy is in terrible danger. (Tom Friedman’s latest.)

What did you do when democracy was at stake? asks Marc Elias.

Volunteer!  Contribute!  Recruit poll workers!  Vote!


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