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From the Guardian: I Visited Donald Trump’s State Park And It’s Not A Park.  (Paraphrasing: Buy some semi-swampland for $2.75 million; do nothing to it; then call it a tax-deductible $100 million gift and insist your name be on it in perpetuity, in recognition of your generosity.)

Donald Trump vs. The Suckers Who Pay Their Fair Share of Income Taxes. (“If [your income] was $50,000 to $75,000 – the average for flight attendants, correctional officers, postal service workers, and athletic trainers last year — you paid on average $4,688 in federal income tax.  That was 6.3 times as much as Donald Trump.”)

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If it goes viral, I’ll add a free month to everyone’s subscription — that’s how badly I want to see dignity and competence restored to the presidency.

Joel F: “With regard to not knowing the results on election night — and Trump claiming victory — what I have not seen suggested anywhere is a campaign to urge all the TV networks and major news websites NOT to project or announce winners until ALL the votes have been counted.  If millions of us wrote in demanding that, it might have an effect.”

→ I hear you. But might it be more realistic to count on what I think all but Fox are likely to do?  Namely, report everything in good faith:

With all [NAME OF STATE] precincts now reporting, but an estimated 1.1 million mail-in ballots not yet counted, our team projects an 80% chance of a Biden victory, despite Trump’s current 3% in-person lead. For now, we’re coloring the state light blue for Biden. Officials estimate final results should be available in “about 10 days.”

So much attention having been focused on this issue, I think most people would accept that as reasonable.  And wait nervously for the actual result.

FYI: Here’s when the different states allow the counting of mail-in ballots to begin.

And now . . .

While we wait for the fate of the world to be decided, I commend Kara Swisher’s new podcast, “Sway,” and in particular the one, with Elon Musk and the one with Gavin Newsom.  They are so good.

Have a great weekend!

Volunteer!  Contribute!  Recruit poll workers!  Vote!




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