Don’t sell your PRKRThey got another (presumably small) settlement.  Nothing is certain, by any means; but as this is a speculation we’ve made with money we can truly afford to lose, I like to think our patience may continue to pay off.  PRKR-friendly Intro-act agrees.

Don’t buy PLXP — or its aspirin.  Based on this analysis, I bought July 25 puts yesterday.  As best I understand it, there’s nothing at all wrong with its aspirin — it’s aspirin.  The only problem is that they’re selling it for 83 cents a tab, when Bayer is 6 cents and generic, on sale, under a penny.  I paid $1,100 for each put.  If the stock is $25 or higher next July, I’m out $1,100.  At $14, I break even.  (The right to sell a $14 stock for $25 is worth $11 a share. Each put covers 100 shares.)  But if the author is right and PLXP is, say, $3 next July, I double my money.

Only, obviously, with money one can truly afford to lose.

Likewise PLSE, which has a doohickey dermatologists may love . . . but which the same analyst thinks they  — and their patients — won’t. The furthest out PLSE puts are currently offered is April, which may or may not be time enough for the failure — if it does fail — to become clear.  But how could I resist a few April 25 puts for $6.21?  (If PLSE is above $19 next April, I’ll have lost money.  At $6, I’ll have had a triple.)


I want a depoliticized Court.  And it wouldn’t hurt to fix this rule, as well:

No Man Can Be A Judge In His Own Case — except for nine of them (three of whom are women).  A fascinating read.



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