Doctors Should Be Allowed To Give Priority To Vaccinated Patients When Resources Are Scarce.

Makes sense to me, even as vaccine-denying talk radio hosts keep dying.

This Wildly Reinvented Wind Turbine Generates Five Times More Energy Than Its Competitors.


Not least because the amount of heat the Earth traps has doubled in just 15 years.

If you thought this year has been bad for storms and fires, just wait.  Have you had a chance to play with the IPCC climate report’s interactive atlas?

Hurray for the union movement that built America’s middle class  . . . who are the real job creators, as billionaire Nick Hanauer has so compellingly explained.

Not to say unions have been immune to corruption and over-reach.  But if they are no more nearly perfect than corporations, the government, the church, the media, or any of our other institutions, neither should their contributions — nor those of their members! — go unappreciated.

Happy Labor Day!



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