If so, please print this out for him:  Yes or no on Mueller report criminal charges? Don’t let Trump just run out the clock.

More than a thousand former federal prosecutors signed a letter saying the evidence would justify an indictment.

So indict him.

Doug: “Any update on our PLSE and PLXP puts?  Sell some to enjoy the ride?”

The two were trading around $23 and $18 respectively when panned here this past September.  Now, at $7 and $6, we have nearly a triple on one and 50% or so on the other — and in just five months.  Thank you, Guru!

Both stocks may well head lower still; but no one ever went broke taking profits.  I can see your locking in some or all of your gain.

Not that any of this is easy.  This past July, when I first mentioned PLSE, I also mentioned EVLO:

At $13.49 last night, Guru believes it will be $4 before the August puts expire next month.  With money I can truly afford to lose, I bought $10 puts for 85 cents and $7.50 puts for 45 cents.  If the stock is $10 or higher on August 20, the puts will expire worthless.  If it’s $4, I’ll make $6 on each $10 put, $3.50 on each $7.50 put — about seven times my money (shielded from taxes in my IRA).

And guess what!  Guru was dead right about the stock dropping to $4, where it sits now.  But it didn’t happen quite fast enough, so the puts did indeed expire worthless.  Fortunately, no one ever went broke, either, betting money he or she could truly afford to lose.


Barney Frank’s excellent idea for Liz Cheney and the Wyoming Democratic Party.



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