Did you have the chance to watch that Rick Wilson interview I highlighted Saturday?

I would argue that if you’re not alarmed, you’re not following the news.

E.g., the disgraced former president teeing up mass rallies threatening potential violence against anyone who dares investigate him.

The death threats on rank-and-file election workers.

The little Nazi rallies popping up in Orlando and elsewhere.

If the RNC can officially vote to label the violent breach of the Capitol for the first time since 1812 “legitimate political discourse” . . .

. . . and deem investigating that breach and the associated first-ever attempt to overturn a presidential election — an election the loser’s own people called “the most secure in American history” — worthy of censure . . .

. . . not just “a waste of time,” mind you, like the eight (eight!) Republican-led Benghazi investigations, but actually warranting censure . . .

. . . how can anyone not be alarmed?

The Republican Party has thrown over the principles of Lincoln and Reagan for those of the people who marched with torches in Charleston.  Many of them “very fine people,” the chief Republican assures us.

Is civil war coming to America? ask two new books.

It’s already here, argues Stephen Marche, We Just Refuse To See It.

Trump’s friend Putin is winning.*

What better serves Putin than division and polarization here in America?

I am struck by my friend Edward’s email tag line:

If you wonder what you might have done during the Holocaust or the Civil Rights era, look around and see what you are doing today.

If you decide its not enough, consider joining your local chapter of the League of Women Voters . . . joining Field Team 6 . . . joining Vote Forward . . . and, if you can — now, when your support is so much more leveraged than when most people will be giving next summer and fall — funding Team Blue.

*There was no Republican platform in 2020, and the only thing Trump changed in the 2016 platform he inherited when he won the nomination — the only thing! — was the part about defending Ukraine.  What a crazy coincidence.



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