Either Harrison Ford is in on the trick or David Blaine is God.  Ninety seconds.  You do not want to miss this.


According to this — and a letter signed by 70 scientists — a lot of the games being sold as “fitness programs for your brain,” like Luminosity, are not effective.  Digital snake oil.  Which is good news for me, because long-time readers know I’m an investor in Posit Science, whose brain fitness program has been shown in peer-reviewed studies to work well.


Thanks to Tom Stolze for the link to this brief look into the outer reaches of space.  It is one of those things I can’t begin to comprehend.  To say that Earth is a speck of dust in the greater scheme of things is all but infinitely to overstate our physical presence — and makes our tiny space ship, and the nanosecond of geological time it has hosted us, all the more miraculous.  What a responsibility to our forebears and offspring not to muck it up.  Please vote!

And have a great weekend.



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