Here is my pal Krystal Ball on Lena Dunham and women everywhere.  (“Why does Lena Dunham scare conservatives?”)  Watch.  And if you have teenage daughters, share it with them.  If you’re a guy, watch and see whether she’s talking to you.


And here is my pal Eleanor Clift’s report on two all-female focus groups in the run-up to next month’s elections.  If I weren’t so annoyingly upbeat all the time, it might have sent me into ululations of lamentation.  Because if — as Thomas Jefferson apparently did not say but surely would have — “an informed citizenry is essential” to the proper functioning of democracy, what prayer do we really have?  It’s not just the nation’s physical infrastructure that rates a D+  . . . though shouldn’t the Republicans stop blocking The American Jobs Act that would shift the economy into high gear tackling that problem? . . . it’s our collective knowledge of “current affairs,” as well.

Bone up, kids.  The exam’s November 4.  You won’t find the answers on FOX.



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