Do you like Judy Garland?  Do you like supper?  Might you be in the New York area November 23?  Click here.  My friend Seth Sikes belts it out with a great band.


Do you like wine?  Did you collect coins?  Do you know what kind of wine Thos. Jefferson favored?  Click here.  My friend Marc Emory’s novel has just come out.  Or wait!  It’s just $1.99 for the e-book.


Did you like All In The Family?  Would you like to spend 19 intimate hours with Norman Lear, its creator, who at one point had 120 million Americans watching the various ground-breaking sitcoms he had on the air?  And who founded People for the American Way?  And who at 92 is sharper and more energetic than Archie ever was?  Click here to have him tell you his amazing life story, Even This I Get To Experience.  You could read it with your eyeballs, of course; but there’s something about the direct voice-to-brain experience that I find pretty great.





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