And that was before their current bill that would require the United States to default on its debt — half of it racked up under Republican Presidents Reagan, Bush, Bush, and Trump with the approval of Congress — throwing the world into chaos and depression, causing untold  suffering, misery, and death and giving China a huge competitive boost — unless Kevin McCarthy, George Santos, Marjorie Taylor Greene, et al, get their way.

I don’t think it’s what most voters want; but neither do most voters want the compromise represented by Roe overturned or ever more military-grade weapons on the street.  (For God’s sake, bring back the wild West! Wyatt Earp!)

The main things elected Republicans seem to focus on: Benghazi, Hunter Biden’s laptop (if he broke the law, he should go to jail, just like Trump or anyone else), repealing the Affordable Care Act (they’ve voted to do that more than 50 times), making it hard for college kids to vote (because why should 20-year-olds have a say in their future, when the average Fox viewer, aged 68, has so much more at stake?), and preventing parents, kids, and their doctors from making intensely private decisions about matters of gender identity.

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Remembering Harry Belafonte.

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