Who’s 93.

And, for that matter, Warren’s partner Charlie Munger, who’s 99.

But even without those added examples, Professor Sonnenfeld makes a powerful case:

Our Age of Cynicism and Cynicism Over Age Are the Only Things Holding Biden Back

The wisdom of octogenarian leaders have rebuilt nations at fragile moments. Only the 82-year-old Benjamin Franklin could lead the needed national consensus at the U.S. Constitutional Convention, and only 87-year-old Konrad Adenauer could rebuild national spirit and global trust for defeated post-war Germany. France relied upon Charles De Gaulle to unify the nation as he reached 80. After leading Union Pacific and Brown Brothers Harriman, Averell Harriman served as one of the greatest diplomats advising presidents until he was 94. Similarly, 80 year-old Biden has brought economic resurgence and renewed positive purpose to American character.

Worth reading — and sharing — in full.

With Joe’s re-election, we get 1,200 young, competent appointees AND their deeply decent, exceptionally experienced, 80-something coach.

No transition or learning curve.

Click here if you can spare something to help Joe finish the job.



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