FOX — finally.

Nearly $800 million — with more to follow.

Tucker Carlson — finally.

Supporting a man he “hated with a passion” whatever the consequences for his country.

Lying to viewers — though because they get their news from FOX, most of them still don’t know it . . . or that he held them in contempt for believing Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and his Pillow Guy.

The Court — finally.

At least the truth is out, even if the Justices are not.  Thomas, especially, but also Gorsuch and Roberts, who seem to be every bit as resignation-worthy as Fortas was.

Trump — finally.

E. Jean Carroll might deliver the first significant hit to Trump.

But will it matter?

Yes, he raped women and “grabbed them by the pussy,” which has got to trouble some Evangelicals.  But he also made it possible to force girls — in some states, at least — to carry their rapists’ babies to term.  So they give him a pass.

WheelTug inches forward.



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