I first met Martine and Bina, a biracial couple, at a small fundraiser five years ago.  The President came and sat for a few minutes at each table and I was at theirs.  Shy, lesbian (sort of) (yes! there are shy lesbians) . . . who were these nice, quiet people?  Did one of them have a trust fund?  Well, you can read all about them in New York Magazine’s cover story this week.  Martine made $38 million last year, the highest paid corporate woman CEO in America, but that barely scratches the surface of her remarkable story.  (She may live forever.  So may you.  Read her new book, Virtually Human: The Promise — and the Peril — of Digital immortality.)  She flies a helicopter.  She breeds pigs to provide organs for humans in the not too distant future.  One of her and Bina’s four kids is running for Congress.  Another was expected to die from a rare disease by the age of 10 (but is now 30).  The company she runs — after having co-founded Sirius Satellite Radio — sports a nearly $6 billion market cap.  She was born a guy.  She was on Colbert a few weeks ago with Bina and the Bina48, a robot in Bina’s likeness.  Ray Kurzweil sits on her board.

Is this a great country or what?


Hey: what fun.  I’m surprised it hasn’t gotten higher audience ratings. Enjoy!




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