But if I do, they may come from bouqs.com.  Which is to say direct from the side of a volcano in Ecuador or a farm in California (no warehouse middleman in either case) . . . eco-friendly . . . free shipping.  Watch the pitch — it’s fun.  (I have no financial interest in this company, but if you enter the site and order via this link, I think I accrue a credit toward future orders.)


But only because I’m not a fan.  I thought Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s defense of Hawks owner Bruce Levenson was spot on.


*If you don’t get this reference (last week it was the Turkish reference), you obviously don’t know one of the fifteen best Broadway soundtracks of all time, Mack & Mabel.  Here’s the song.  Followed by her reply:  So who needs roses? (that didn’t come . . . from . . . him).  I’ve never seen it, but that’s the beauty of a good Broadway show: you don’t need to see it to get the story.  The fourteen others are My Fair Lady, Les Miz, L’il Abner, The Music Man,  City of Angels, Fiddler on the Roof, Fiorello, Sweeney Todd, A Chorus Line, Dreamgirls, Jersey Boys, The Rothschilds, and Oklahoma.  That’s actually only thirteen others, leaving one slot so you don’t get all crazy on me for omitting your favorite.  Which I probably liked, too.  (Company?  Bells Are Ringing?  Man of La Mancha?  Tommy?  Grease? La Cage?  Evita?  Hair?  Hello, Dolly?  Mame?  1776?  Once?  Book of Mormon?)



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