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Did you see this a few days ago?  It’s the (extensive, New York Times Sunday Magazine) story of our Success Academy charter schools and their 9,500 wonderfully successful kids . . . on its way to being 46 schools by 2016.  I know I’ve been writing about this a lot, but: what could be more fundamental to our collective success than to break the cycle of poverty and underachievement in thousands, soon to be tens of thousands — and perhaps not so long from now, cumulatively, millions — of otherwise-at-risk kids?

I hope teachers and schools and school systems everywhere will grab hold of whatever aspects of the Success Academy template they believe could work for their kids.


You gotta watch this report from Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show.”

Really, guys: it’s okay to be proud of America and the progress we’re making.  And, yes, it would have been more progress if the Republicans had accepted a “public option” and not rejected Medicare expansion, but it’s progress nonetheless.  Likewise, if they would allow us to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure.  Or allow a House vote on the bi-partisan immigration bill economists agree would boost our economy.

But compared to where we were five and a half years ago?  Things were so bad, a lot of investors thought the wisest course was to sell American stocks when the Dow was 6,500.

We’ve made tremendous progress.  Instead of wringing our hands and staying home as most Americans typically do in a mid-term election, why don’t we take a couple of hours November 4 to break the gridlock and get America firing on all cylinders again?  Just vote.




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